Welcome to the Puppy Culture Partner Program


We think it's great that so many believe that Puppy Culture can make a difference and want to get the film in as many people's hands as possible. This is your chance to be a part of the Puppy Culture message by spreading the word.


It's really easy. If you have a website, blog, facebook page or just email then your half way there. To get started, fill in our quick application form. Once approved, you'll then be provided with banners, text links, and instructions on how to get the affiliate program up and running. Also included will be your unique tracking code that will give you the commission for customers who purchase the Puppy Culture DVD, Blu-ray or Video on Demand.

When someone clicks on the Puppy Culture link, which is on your website and buys (even up to 180 days later), you'll receive a 15% commission. It is paid straight into your PayPal account automatically during the next payment processing run which is the 15th of each month. OR, if you would like we can apply your commissions to whom ever you would like, such as a new puppy home or rescue group.


We use 180-day tracking cookies, so a visitor who clicked the Puppy Culture banner or link on your site can purchase at anytime within 6 months and you will still receive your commission!

Signing up and getting your account configured couldn't be easier.

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